My day job is spreading compassion. Night job too.

I’m straight forward and I combine this with a softness that helps guide healing and growth. When my clients work with me they’re able to see possibilities they’ve never seen before, and gain the confidence to be more real in their own relationships.

I'm human. It's okay to be yourself around me. Your anger, fear, confusion, and joy are all welcome. I've climbed out of tough spots in life.

My approach has tenderness & curiosity baked into each moment.

I notice that when my clients engage in role plays with me, the old feelings and patterns slowly fade away. Whether you're an individual, couple, parent, teacher, or on a work team, I help you shift your attitude from power-over to power-with.

When I work with you, I’m always uncovering your own essential mattering. I help shift your focus onto clarifying what is being observed, felt, and needed, rather than on interpreting what should or shouldn't be happening.

Personal delights include string music, mother nature, warm herbal tea, movement and play. I love yoga and dance! I am committed to embodying love through roles of attuned partner and loving father to a nine year-old boy. 


How did I get here?

It's been a long road including one meaningful career change. Receiving degrees in Organizational Communication and  Hospitality & Tourism Management, it took me a decade to realize it wasn't the most fitting way to give my whole heart. While my skills were of great service there, I longed to facilitate more direct and authentically compassionate dialogue. The customer-service industry also allowed me to witness up-close the vast inequities of the world where I became inspired to earn a graduate degree in Social Work which is now underway.      

As a long-time student of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), currently a registered certified-trainer candidate, I first discovered NVC in 2006 as I struggled to find harmony in my intimate relationships. 

I received certification as a Crisis Counselor as well as Mental Health First Aid for youth. 

In addition to being a father, I've spent countless hours with young people aged 12-19 teaching relational, communication, and self-management skills, beginning in 2001. Having completed the yearlong Parent Leadership Program in 2016, I further discovered and practiced the rich strategies of compassionate communication as a parent.

From 2015-2017 I served as faculty at Thomas University teaching social-emotional learning and communication skills for graduate students in the college of Education.  

I joined the University of Florida College of Law as the Resource Counselor in 2014, and here I continue to support law students navigating their way through the enormous stress, expectations, competition, stigmas, and emotions of a unique three-year journey.