How clients grow

I did not realize why I was struggling with the idea of viewing myself “powerfully” until our most recent deep work together. You’ve allowed me to find my strength to speak up and to tell the people in my family what matters to me. I see conflict in a whole new way and my life is forever changed.
— Ali
This has been so impactful - I’m sitting here almost laughing thinking about some of my “beliefs” now. Thanks for helping me learn how to live a limitless, open, loving life one step at a time.
— Heidi
I appreciate your honesty so much. I’m always amazed at how much insight comes from our genuine, authentic conversation.
— Tate
My deepest gratitude to you for being a priceless voice of reason this past year. You made my transition back to school fluid, manageable, and composed. I treasure the growth I’ve experienced.
— Michael, law student
I was shocked to find the authentic lives of my students by using connection circles. The NVC skills and restorative principles helped me tremendously with my most difficult challenges at school.
My job is easier now!
— Shana, HS Teacher
We’ve gotten back to “that” place where there is warmth in our organization. The skills you taught us have allowed me to become more self aware and more able to express and feel comfortable when leading our team.
— David, Business Owner
I learned how to listen to my students beyond their words and into their hearts. I’m less quick to judge now. My personal life and my classroom are more peaceful and calm.
— LeAnne, Middle School Teacher