Love in conflict

"We fight all the time and I hate it. All they do is criticize me."

"It seems like no matter what I do my partner won't just meet me half way."

"I feel like such a failure in relationship."

I work with couples who are struggling with the blame game. Coaching with me helps partners to listen with more compassion and to speak with more self-responsibility and tenderness.

Conflict is a normal part of relationships. We typically see it as a bad thing, so we run from, repress or try to make it disappear. My clients learn to see conflict as information to turn toward.

Coaching with me you will learn how to

  • See how your old hurt sets you up to blame

  • Express in a way that doesn't ding the other

  • Honor your own needs

  • Hear what's going on for them even if their words aren't clear or kind

I help couples answer two BIG questions:

  1. How do we create more emotional security to strengthen our bond? What is needed in order for each of us to openly bring our fears and insecurities to one another?

  2. How do we create more joy, adventure, and autonomy among us? How do we each feel fully alive and self-expressed as an interdependent human?


How long is each session? 50 minutes is common, yet 80-minutes or double sessions work better for couples.

How often do we meet? Most clients meet with me weekly. I strongly recommend meeting on a regular, consistent basis to give out-of-session momentum to our in-session changes. I recommend 3-4 sessions minimum, and 8-20 in total are common.

What are your fees? I request $100 per 50 minute session. In instances where you are deeply ready and willing to invest in your growth and this fee would pose a financial hardship, I offer a sliding scale. Write to me and let's talk. I do not accept insurance. 

Where will we meet? At my office in Gainesville, Florida. If you’re not local, we can meet via video. Some unique circumstances make it more comfortable or safe in the client's home.

Questions? Please email me at or call 352.727.5417, and I'll get back to you within one business day.