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Work - the place that at times seems to be where we live. So then, how do we relate to one another in the workplace, and what gets in the way of honest self-expression when we're stressed? Why don't we ask for help from our co-workers when we need it?

When trust is missing in our work-home, bad attitudes arise, gossip begins, and low morale sets in. At best this leads to inefficiency. At worst people quit. I help prevent both.

What would it be like if inside the workplace there was certainty that everyone mattered? Perhaps your building could be powered with the energy that results from individuals knowing their contributions truly make a difference.

I help leaders of their organizations recollect their powerful leadership essence, while simultaneously supporting effective two-way communication with everyone inside the organization. Trust goes up. Productivity begins flowing again.

Go ahead, daydream of this: a space that team members come to openly discuss their ideas and frustrations, and then brainstorm collaborative solutions? A space with great awareness of who is the speaker and who is the listener in each given moment.

Are you surprised to know that research proves that financial compensation is secondary to organizational culture when employees report on their reasons to stay or leave a job? What's your team's culture like?

Let's create a workplace that works.





Where does breakdown occur?

How are agreements established and how can you accurately measure for consensus?  

Who trusts whom, and why?


Learn the art of workplace listening

Enjoy the results when your team co-creates meaning from the inside


Management and Service Staff are sometimes divided by a Grand Canyon. Let's not be and say we were.



"We've gotten back to "that" place where there is warmth in our organization. The skills you taught us have allowed me to become more self aware and more able to express and feel comfortable when leading our team."  - David, Business Owner