If you've lost sight of your magnificence ...

... are stuck and confused in your relationships

... feel like you've been hurt and have now got your feet dug in, not knowing how on earth to open your heart back up

... feel like you're wasting your time in this life, or are comparing yourself to those around you as "behind" and "not measuring up"

If you're wondering, "What the heck am I doing this for?" and longing for purpose, clarity, and a sense of connection to why you do what you do, and live how you live, you've come to the right place.  

Together, let's cultivate peace and a sense that you're enough just as you are, and learn the practical communication tools you need for meaningful relationships.

Those who work with me find peace in their lives ... harmony in their relationships ... purpose in their work. 


Welcome to coaching with Leif.

It's all about connection, seeing our humanity, being kind. Being, period.

The ultimate recipe for connection ... counseling that welcomes all your old and funky habits with a sensitive curiosity about what lies in between the lines ... AND communication training that gives you the tools to lovingly express what's alive in you.  

Are you ready to welcome the love that has been peering in the crack beneath your door? Want to get armed with the power of compassion and vulnerability rather than with a sharp arrow of righteousness? I support individuals in speaking their truth with a style of care and compassion that leads to deep connection with oneself. 

A counseling that cultivates inner peace, I help clients find a long-lost partner in their most disliked inner parts.

Come to a place to learn effective communication tools to help you be seen and received for your essence, as well as come to understand the true meaning behind other's actions and words using nonviolent communication