Receiving focused-support for one hour is excellent, and going to a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshop is also helpful; it is a “heart opener”.

How can we take it further? The biggest challenge is to apply this transformation in our own homes with our children, partner, parents and others. Let’s face it: changing habits is hard.

How does everyday at-home living become so stressful?
How is it that we repeat ourselves again and again with little responsiveness from others?
What unintended messages get sent to others when we’re frustrated?

There’s a good and hidden reason that we spend so much of our precious time in fights, stress, hurt and anger. Want to know why?

“Come live with you” is a special program in which we spend 2-4 days together exploring this question in your own home to help bring back harmony, creativity and freedom.

So how can we manifest this? We use the principles and tools of Compassionate Communication - curiosity, listening to understand, inclusive decision-making processes, agreements based on needs, separating needs from strategies, asking about feelings, and a whole lot more.

My aim is a home where everyone believes they are fully accepted and warmly welcomed. An “NVC home” practices the art of “giving from the heart” which is giving out of joy and not out of duty.

Home is where each person feels comfortable voicing their truth.

Behind someone’s “NO!” is a YES to something important.
Behind shouting there is a cry for support and understanding.

An example of transformation:

"I want to tidy my room because I can find things easier and I feel more peaceful then."
Instead of:
"I hate to clean my room because my parents make me.”


"I imagine there is so much on your mind and I can see that you’d like to do something else right now. My hope is for you to understand what’s important to me too here.”
Instead of:
"My family is disrespectful and difficult to get cooperation from."

It’s possible to get to the bottom of family conflicts and have a home where everyone’s needs are being equally attended to.

Contact me to discuss if this is a good fit for you and your family. We will establish clear agreements, workable logistics, and first meet at my office prior to any decisions. This program is not for everyone.

*** This is a transformative approach to your family’s communication, however this is not therapy and does not replace your primary care doctor or licensed mental health provider. ***