I am sorry women

In light of the conversations and pain lately around women, men and sexism, I want to say that I'm sorry. *And* I'm scared. I'm scared of standing up with feminism and saying the wrong thing. I'm scared of getting my ass kicked or being called sexist based on the actions of centuries of men. And truthfully, sometimes I am frozen in shame because I know that on some younger days I related a women to a man, rather than being blasted away by her light and giving that light independence, so I'm scared I don't deserve forgiveness. 

I am so truly sorry women that the world you live in doesn't fully make room for you. That I haven't either. 

My heart is wrestling with so much brokenness in men and women alike. Sometimes I feel small though I want to be my big self. Today I am clear - woman rock!, we need each other, and as men we got some makin' up to do. 

I hope I find spaces today in which I can care for women and they can already know that I see their wholeness. I hope I find ways to hold them with care and at the same time hold my own good heart.

Now I am committed to asking females, "what do you want? What precisely can I do that allows space for you to be here fully? I want all of you here. I need you."

And please, when I fall short, don't bang on me. Be soft and redirect my heart. Though the patriarchy is NOT fair, please play fair with me here right now. I'm your ally. I see you. I will speak up for you when needed.

Men, show your tender and loving partnership. Right. Now.

Wait not a moment longer. Men, we've been lied to. We've been hooked up to the tube that says we must be tough and push others away, including women. We've been taught that to be cared for, we have to be mean and on top. Stop. Arrive. Love equally now.

Give every female nothing less than your whole heart.

Men, yes, I know, I too was pummeled as a little guy if I wasn't perfect. I too learned to shut off my feelings, so it makes sense to push down women along with your confusing and overwhelming feelings. 

I gently invite you to make those feelings known. Come out and be seen.

As you notice parts of your old self that haven't played big, don't let a sea of shame take you under. If you haven't given women their full space, you still get to hold your heart today. You're good. I'm good. We're in this together. The women aren't out to get us, they are just hurting too. And they deserve to be - it's a f*cked up and unequal world out there!

Hold your heart in one hand. And their hand in your other.